Dewey’s Readathon Mini-Challenge: TOP 5 BOOKISH CHILDHOOD MOMENTS

1. I have no memory of this but my parents and family friends love telling this story. I was always a tall kid, so one year-old me looked like a 4 year-old. Apparently, everyone who ever visited our house before I could read by myself would have to read books to me. They couldn’t cheat, or skip ahead, because I had the books memorized by the page! I also spent a lot of the time looking at those books and reciting them out loud (still couldn’t read), so people who visited our house for the first time would assume I was just actually reading the books!

2. Harry Potter.

3. Reading during class with the book under the desk, which my teachers used to point out at parent-teacher meetings. I would also read under the covers wayyyyy past my bedtime using a tiny flashlight I had taken from my dad. I was caught a bunch of times, but my parents never punished me for it. They were, and still are, my biggest enablers.

4. Whenever we visited people, I’d make a beeline for their bookshelf, pick up a book and read.

5. Our school library policy was to issue one book per week to students and only during the library period. Since the 5th grade, I was on first name basis with the school librarians and the library staff, was the only student allowed to sit at the “teacher’s table” in the library, and was allowed to issue books outside of library period because I read them too fast.

Hope everyone is having an excellent Readathon so far!

Author: Janani @ The Shrinkette

Speed reading aficionado. Unapologetic book pusher. Point me to the nearest bookshelf. My blog is dedicated exclusively to supporting and promoting marginalized voices. Pronouns: They/them

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