Swag Galore!

So, a few weeks back I’d asked if people wanted to take a peek at all of my literary swag, and people said yes, and it’s finally here!

Quick disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the brands or sellers, and I have not been paid to promote any of the products mentioned in this post. I’m only doing it because I know some friends wanted to have a look at my stuff, it forced me to do laundry and clean my room, and I now have a greater appreciation for models who are constantly changing costumes.

So grab a snack and start scrollin’! 

This was me when I started taking the pictures. This was NOT me when I was done.

Let’s start with my forever favorite Book Riot:

img_20160518_193032.jpg img_20160518_193219.jpg img_20160518_193635.jpg

Dirty bookish humor + The Read Harder Challenge t-shirt + My most favorite of all totes . Also Granger dropping truth bombs. 

Next up, T-shirts Liberty Hardy had posted pictures of that I needed to have:


On the left, we have Look Human, and on the right, Teespring. 

I also bought a couple of other things from Look Human:

At this point in the photoshoot, I was definitely starting get tired of changing t-shirts, so I took the opportunities to take pictures of non-clothing literary things:

Shakespeare Insults calendar that I picked up from the New York Public Library store last summer


I participated in the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange for the first time, and received the most excellent Christmas present, courtesy Rachel from Seattle. HOW COOL IS THIS THOUGH? I love Etsy so much.

Also, the only comic book swag I own: 

Ooh, ooh more Etsy love:











Here’s my most literary Doctor Who t-shirt:


And, now that we have the beauty that is Hamiltome (courtesy the oldest of all of the besties):


Last, but not the least, a couple more consistent favorites. I honestly can’t remember where I got either, but I love them:

Yeaaahhhhhh… literary consumerism is rampant in my household. Here’s how I feel about it:


This post was a lot of fun! Apologies if your scrolling finger hurts, and I hope it was worth it! Please share your favorite literary items in the comments for sure!

Until next time,





Author: Janani @ The Shrinkette

Speed reading aficionado. Unapologetic book pusher. Point me to the nearest bookshelf. My blog is dedicated exclusively to supporting and promoting marginalized voices. Pronouns: They/them

5 thoughts on “Swag Galore!”

  1. LOVE IT. Your Schuyler sisters shirt is particularly fantastic, but all of them are amazing. I honestly have been feeling lately that I don’t have enough humorous t-shirts (a while ago I had way too many, and I threw them all away and now the pendulum has swung back in the other direction), so I need to start acquiring a few. I do have a Hamilton shirt, with the Hamilton silhouette and the first few lyrics from the show written inside the silhouette. I love it but I don’t want to wear it too often and WEAR IT OUT, because I love it and I want it to last forever.

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