July 4th, 2016: It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme currently hosted by The Book Date. It’s a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week, and add to that ever-growing TBR stack.

I can’t even begin to tell you what a great weekend this is turning out to be. So much chill. Eating, sleeping, reading, and watching Game of Thrones. And even getting chores out of the way, fancy that. If the world could just convert to 3-day weekends being a regular deal, I would actually be able to be productive during the week, find some relaxation time every weekend, and manage to get stuff done, and wouldn’t that be nice?

Over the week, I finished reading Vinegar Girl, which was okay, Not My Father’s Son, which was very touching, and 1776, which was fascinating. I really enjoyed David McCullough’s style of writing so I definitely want to read more of his books. On Saturday I read Hot Dog Taste Test by Lisa Hanawalt, which came in my Landfall Freight June box. Yesterday I finished The Bourbon Thief by TIffany Reisz which is a delicious southern gothic romance novel, and as always she delivered a story I simply could not put down.

Currently reading:

Haven’t picked out any more books for the rest of the week yet, but I will definitely keep updating across social media as I do. Also, I posted a non-review book piece yesterday, so definitely go check it out and share your thoughts. If you’d like to see more non-review book content on the blog, please let me know in the comments. 

How are you guys celebrating your long weekend, and what are you reading?



Author: Janani @ The Shrinkette

Speed reading aficionado. Unapologetic book pusher. Point me to the nearest bookshelf. My blog is dedicated exclusively to supporting and promoting marginalized voices. Pronouns: They/them

6 thoughts on “July 4th, 2016: It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?”

  1. Have to add that as a full-time mum I wouldn’t be able to sign your 3-day weekend petition because it would mean that my children would be home from school for an extra day and that would be a disaster!!! 😳😜

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  2. I celebrated my long weekend by being in a wedding! It was a lovely and beautiful wedding, and then by Sunday evening I was the most tired I have ever been. Legitimately, when I got back from the reception Saturday night and stepped into a shower, it was the happiest I’ve ever been. Allllllll the makeup off my face. Allllllll the hairspray out of my hair. It was the BEST. Also cause my friend got married and I am so happy for her that I kept crying on the altar.


  3. Dang, so much reading! I’m glad that your chill weekend turned out for you, and the best part is it isn’t over! 🙂 Also, show me where to sign the petition for permanent three-day weekends.

    My boyfriend’s dad LOVES David McCullough. I think his favorite is… crud. I forget what it’s called, but it’s about the building of the Panama Canal.

    I really don’t have any books going at the moment (I’m still working on my audio of Grass by Sheri S. Tepper, but I haven’t listened in quite a while), but I *have* been enjoying reading Locke & Key. Depending on how today goes, I might finish up the second volume.



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