November 28th, 2016:It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme currently hosted by The Book Date. It’s a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week, and add to that ever-growing TBR stack.

You guys, I did it. I finished A Little Life, literally thirty seconds before I starting writing this post. Oh. My. God. I’m dead. I’m numb from the pain. I’m epicly hungover. I don’t even know, I don’t even know.

I also managed to read and review Lucky Boy, devoured The Weight of Feathers, and finished This Bridge Called My Back. So, basically, all I have are a (figurative) mountain of library books that I must read and return. These I’m saving for my trip in a few days- I’ll be travelling a bunch and using my kindle as a primary source of reading material is a pragmatic choice. 

In the next few days, these are a couple of books I’d like to finish:

Ooh also, I’m participating in #DiversityDecBingo which is being hosted by a bunch of bloggers/bookstagrammers that I interact with on twitter. If you choose to participate, you can follow the hashtag on twitter where there are a bunch of recs from various people. Join me!


Got to dash to a thing now, more later. Drop me a line and let me know what you’re reading!




Author: Janani @ The Shrinkette

Speed reading aficionado. Unapologetic book pusher. Point me to the nearest bookshelf. My blog is dedicated exclusively to supporting and promoting marginalized voices. Pronouns: They/them

9 thoughts on “November 28th, 2016:It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?”

  1. The diversity bingo looks awesome! I’m not sure if I’m going to full on participate but I’m definitely planning on reading some books on my TBR based off the requirements so we’ll see how many I can cross off 😀

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  2. I’m going to for sure need more on your reaction to A Little Life. I er suspect I know what your final thoughts were? But I nevertheless remain very curious. I have also, full disclosure, sent you a DM on Twitter to demand that you update me with your thoughts and feelings ASAP. Also, was this the best time to be reading A Little Life? It is very sad and so is November?

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    1. I’m parsing out feelings today, yesterday I was quite hungover from the book. I will of course, update you. No, it is NOT the best time to read this book, but also, IS there a best time to read this book? (Also thank you for your DM ILU)


  3. Oh man, I remember my hangover following A Little Life. And it was before I’d truly grasped the concept of the recovery book, which I desperately needed then. I don’t think I got invested in another novel for a few months.

    I’ve been meaning to read Book of Unknown Americans forever…how is it?

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