February 20th, 2017: It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme currently hosted by The Book Date. It’s a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week, and add to that ever-growing TBR stack.

Did I call it or what? I only finished Runtime and The Souls of Black Folk from my planned TBR for the past week, and kept getting distracted by other books. I devoured The Boss and The Girlfriend by Abigail Barnette, as well as Sarah Nicole Lemon’s debut YA novel Done Dirt Cheap, which I also enjoyed. I’m woefully behind on my #SJBookClub reading, so that’s going to be my focus this week:

Honestly, it’s getting a little painful that I’ve been in the middle of these books for as long as I have.

On the blogging front, success! I managed to squeeze in a second review yesterday, thereby honoring my commitment for the week (I’m telling you, the public shaming thing works). Committing to three posts this week (with one post being a review of a book with problematic representation) as well. Turns out I err on the side of caution when it comes to blogging. 

Related, I’ve been considering offering up sensitivity reading services, specifically for South Asian, Hindu, chronic pain, Ace-spectrum, and immigrant/expat rep. It’s super intimidating and definitely a lot of work, but I’ve been looking at the sheer number of problematic books that are being published and it sounds like the push for sensitivity reading is more than necessary. Thoughts?

Also, after a LOT of deliberation, I’ve set up a ko-fi link. I still feel super iffy about it, but it’s there for anyone that wants to buy me a coffee because of blog things or twitter things. (I’m cringing at that last sentence but don’t know how else to phrase it, sorry!) No pressure whatsoever. If I continue feeling shitty about it I’ll probably take it down. 

Aaaaaaannyyway, talk to me about books! What are you reading this week?




Author: Janani @ The Shrinkette

Speed reading aficionado. Unapologetic book pusher. Point me to the nearest bookshelf. My blog is dedicated exclusively to supporting and promoting marginalized voices. Pronouns: They/them

6 thoughts on “February 20th, 2017: It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?”

  1. Girl, do NOT feel weird about setting up a Ko-fi link. You are awesome and it’s not like you’re demanding anything from anyone — just opening up a possibility. I’m so excited about this sensitivity reading thing! You will be great at it!


  2. Being a sensitivity reader sounds like a good gig. I would shop around to figure out how much people charge for it before or other reading/editing work before offering up the service.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself about the books in progress. Some books take longer to read and/or don’t hold our attention as well. Plus you finished two books! That’s awesome!


  3. Kudos for setting up a Ko-Fi link! Running a blog and staying on top of all things books takes a lot of time…not to mention you’re providing a service to readers (great book recommendations) and authors and publishers by promoting their books. I’ve actually considered setting up a Patreon account, but like you, feel somewhat iffy about it (mostly because of what others would think) so haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

    Off to check out Ko-Fi…hadn’t heard of this one.

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    1. OK – I think I’m an idiot. I tried to send you a coffee through your link and it asked me to set up an account (which I did, so I now you’re not alone!) and now I can’t find a place to search for your profile and donate to you….

      Any ideas?

      Liked by 1 person


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