Mid-2017 Evaluation: Where Do I Go From Here?


I’m a little stunned that we’re already in the middle of 2017. It is friggin’ July, this is wild. What even is time? It is ridiculous how fast it flies. So much has happened in the last six months. I don’t think I am where I wanted to be at this time when the year began, but it isn’t the worst place to be. 

I went back to take a peek at my 2017 blogging resolutions, and so far, haven’t done any of them justice. I’m way behind on my Goodreads goal, I haven’t made or stuck to a blogging schedule, I took on extra reading challenges and didn’t manage to keep up with them, I fell behind on the Social Justice Book Club, and I haven’t really discussed any books with problematic rep on my blog. I had to scale back on the layout of this space because I couldn’t afford full membership, but needed some modicum of self-hosting control. All of this is getting me down. These all seemed like reasonable goals at the beginning of this year, but I definitely didn’t anticipate how much of my time would get sucked in our giant move in the first half of this year. I didn’t anticipate the toll it would take on my mental and physical health. I’ve experienced more identity crises in the last 11 months than ever before. I’m still looking for full-time employment. The world seems to be even more of a shitfest than before. These aren’t really excuses, nor am I looking for condolences or sympathy, they’re just things I didn’t anticipate happening or affecting me as much as they are.

Some good things happened too- My Chicago vacation and the annual professional conference I attended went super well. I took on some projects I’m really excited about, and I’ve got clearer career and academic goals in mind since then. Living in India definitely offers me more freedom in terms of movement and having close friends in the same city. My reading pace has picked up in the last couple of weeks, and I feel good about that. 

Given all of these things, I’m taking another stab at my 2017 resolutions:

  1. Blogging schedule: I’m going to set myself a goal of publishing once a week. It doesn’t seem like a lot, and it’s fairly low response effort, but right now consistency is key. If I do more, great, but if I do at least one, it’ll be better than month-long breaks.
  2. Social Justice Book Club is coming back in August- I’ll be announcing the details of that this weekend. We’re going back to a bi-monthly schedule, so hopefully that helps.
  3. I’m going to work on really, really evaluating the time and space I have available before participating in reading challenges.
  4. Catching up on ARC reviews, and cross-posting on Amazon and Goodreads. 

I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I’m sincerely grateful for every person that follows my blog, reads my stuff, and takes the time to comment. I’m always shocked when anyone visits this space, given that my content is so erratic. Please know that I value each and every one of you. Thank you.


Author: Janani @ The Shrinkette

Speed reading aficionado. Unapologetic book pusher. Point me to the nearest bookshelf. My blog is dedicated exclusively to supporting and promoting marginalized voices. Pronouns: They/them

10 thoughts on “Mid-2017 Evaluation: Where Do I Go From Here?”

  1. I don’t know that my life has been as busy as yours this year, but I have been falling behind on my blogging resolutions and am hoping to recommit to my most important goals in the rest of the year. I definitely get where you’re coming from! I’m very excited that you’ll be hosting the Social Justice book club again, because I’ve not yet managed to join in and I’m excited to in August. Plus I think the bi-monthly schedule might work better for me too 🙂

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  2. Ugh, you do NOT need to feel like you have to apologize or make excuses. Everyone makes goals based on the information they have available at the time they make the goals, and then sometimes you have to change your goals as your circumstances change and you acquire new information. That’s everyone! You are the BEST and I hope you will never feel like any blogging thing you do is inadequate. You’re the best.

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  3. A move will get ya! I’m in the middle of a big one now…and moving a family of 4 to a different state is quite an undertaking. I’m definitely having to cut back on the blog through the end of the summer b/c of it.
    And I like how you checked in with your 2017 goals…I haven’t even looked at mine since I posted them at the beginning of the year. Am going to do that soon!

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  4. Not offering you sympathy here, but I’d just like to tell you that I understand. I was away for seven months or more because a lot of things in my personal life just sucked the soul out of me. I’ve fallen way behind on my blogging and reading and sometimes I feel I don’t even belong in this community anymore. But, it’s never too late to try one’s best, isn’t it? So that’s what I’m doing. I wish you the best for all your goals, be it the blogging or the job search or anything else. Love having you around!

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