Independent Bookstore Day: The test of J’s “restraint”


indiebookstore day

I didn’t intend to make a blogpost out of this, but my friend Pai from back home had mentioned wanting to know about the bookstores I’d visited, so I decided to chronicle it here. Plus, the day turned out to be so great, and although D¬†insists that I’m now her book-pusher, I was the picture of restraint (well, as much restraint as a booknerd can show at bookstores, anyway).

I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to make a game-plan for the day, organizing my route based on events, parking availability, travel times, etc., which of course got so overwhelming so fast that I dropped all of it and decided to go with my three favorite Chicago bookstores. We ended up going to four, because D was going to the live-recording of a podcast in Hyde Park, and it made sense to finish up there and drop her off before heading home. We didn’t end up at any of the actual bookstore events, but we did get some pretty sweet deals at all the stores, so it all evens out.¬†

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