Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts: May 4, 2016


It’s Wednesday, which means it is time for Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts, hosted by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous.




Before we start, go check out Swapna Krishna‘s cute collage homage to Star Wars. She’s one of my favourite Twitter nerds that I follow. 

The Bookish:

  1. I haven’t gotten much reading done this week, life stuff has me so jittery I am book-hopping but not finishing. Not a fan. I am a poly-reader, but that means that my reading is planned. Book-hopping is me picking up a book, reading 2 chapters, remembering that I have all these others going on that have review/book club deadlines, stress out and pick up the next book, rinse, repeat. So, not fun.
  2. Shaina and I have started book 3 of The Raven Cycle- Blue Lily, Lily Blue, and I think this one will be my favourite of the series. 
  3. The R. K. Narayan readalong is happening this week! I started Malgudi Days last night, and was hit by a wave of nostalgia of middle-school English periods. 
  4. I’m a rogue member of a Facebook Book Bloggers BEA meet-up group, simply because I want to hang out with the bookish people. I know, shameless move, but they indulged me. 

The not-so-bookish:

  1. I’m still waiting to hear back from that one uni I was talking about last week. The thing is, it’s May and as each day goes by I keep having this sinking feeling that my paperwork snafu has cost me potentially being accepted into this program that I really want to go to, because frankly, it’s the only PhD program I care about. They’re doing the exact kind of research I want to be doing, so it makes me sick to think that not receiving the right email about that second portal link is going to get me rejected, as opposed to just not being a strong candidate. I think this is a big part of why I’m jittery, because I’m definitely not sleeping well. My poor parents are being supportive as hell and being super positive, which is really sweet but not doing anything to calm my nerves about it. Anyway, I began the first steps of my plan B in motion (going back to India to work) and got in touch with some people that I will be meeting with at the ABAI conference later this month, so we’ll see. 
  2. I’m doing a little grocery-budgeting/eating more home-cooked meals self-management intervention this week. Basically, grocery shopping everyday, but buying just enough stuff for two square meals (dinner+ packed lunch for work). I’m going for several outcomes here: 1. Comparing how much money I spend per week going daily vs. once weekly; 2. Less food wastage (food spoilage was happening a fair bit); 3. Less likely to order take-out or buy lunch; 4. Making an effort to eat low-carb dinners (stress on low); and 5. The grocery store environment becomes so routine that I’m not “tempted” to buy stuff that’s not on my grocery list, because I’ll be there everyday. I’ve not been successful with meal-prepping for the whole week when I’ve tried before, so I want to see how tackling it everyday works. It’s been 3 days so far, and other than craving bread after 11 p.m. in the night on the first day, I’ve been doing well. We’ll see how that goes. 
  3. ICYMI: May is national Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and Margaret Cho, along with Ellen Oh and Nerds of Color, organized a twitter chat tagged #whitewashedOUT, which basically called out Hollywood for its whitewashing of very Asian characters (most recently, Doctor Strange, Ghost In A Shell, etc.) and spurred thousands and thousands of tweets from Asians across the board about all of their personal stories, interactions, questions, life-choices, feelings, etc. of the racism that has been directed at them in an astounding variety of circumstances/situations. I was tempted to link some think-pieces, but I’ve instead just linked the twitter-feed. Go check it out, listen to the stories, understand their rage. It is necessary. 

That’s all from me folks! What’s your week looking like?